It’s a simple concept: The development of your professional career should be handled as professionally as possible. Yet, time and again, even senior lawyers and top level executives make the most basic mistakes in the management of their next career move. Here are a few simple rules to follow that will help you choose the most suitable vacancy and ensure a smooth move to a new position.

It’s Your career – take firm hold of it!

  • Before you make your next career move, get some accurate information about current vacancies and trends in compensation levels for people of your seniority level in your industry sector, preferably those engaged by your current employer’s direct competitors. It’s of no use to you to compare "apples with oranges". Do not rely on hearsay about some stranger’s recent salary increase. Timely and confidential information about current opportunities specific to your profession and to the market sector you operate in is not always easy to come by. For these reasons, do some research of your own, and never rely on an executive recruitment firm that lacks a proven track record in dealing with the profession of which you are a member.
  • You are a highly skilled professional, so deal with similar professionals when it comes to your own career choices. Never entrust your CV to a generalist “Search & Select” agency that will mass-mail it to their numerous clients. Take control of where your CV will end up. Do not post it on any websites’ CV databases that are generally accessible to the public. Your boss and your work colleagues might have an easy access to it, and you should never make it widely known that you are “in the job market”.
  • A truly professional recruitment consultant will advise you about the current opportunities relevant to your professional profile, experience and career aspirations. Working together, you will draw up a Target List of your preferred choices for a new employer. Never allow your CV to be presented to more than three potential new employers at a time, and make sure your express permission is sought before you allow your CV to be sent to the next firm/company on your Target List.

Plan Your Move!

  • Keep your intentions to make a move as confidential as possible, for as long as possible, while looking around for a new position. Your “market value” will be significantly reduced once the news that you wish to leave your current employer “hits the grapevine”. A professional recruiter can assess the interests of your potential new employers without having to send out your CV or by sending a “blind” version that has been edited so as not to disclose your identity.
  • It’s tempting to contact as many recruitment firms as possible when your personal circumstances demand that you find a new job quickly. Yet, the best career moves are made with careful planning in advance. Choose one or two recruitment firms at the most, and make sure they service different clients/your potential new employers. Take the time to get to know the recruitment consultant who will be assigned to help you. Ask them for references from candidates of a similar professional profile to your own.
  • Using a recruitment firm whose focus is dedicated to your specific profession can make all the difference. Select a professional recruitment consultant who truly knows your business. Not all recruitment firms are the same. Some merely collect CVs and sell them to their clients, with minimal input into selecting relevant candidates for their client’s vacancies. This kind of recruiters is called “Search & Selection” or Jobs/Employment Agencies. They are of great use to companies wanting to fill vacancies at the blue collar to mid-management levels. They are almost never used by companies wishing to fill top-level executive vacancies or vacancies for skilled professionals, such as lawyers, finance directors, tax advisors or banking executives.
  • Privacy and confidentiality are at the heart of SOURCE's business ethics. We respect your privacy - our reputation depends on treating your personal information in the strictest confidence. In fact, many candidates choose to use the services of SOURCE, because using us as an intermediary when dealing with potential new employers gives them an added level of security.

For lawyers…

  • If you are a lawyer, why let your CV be handled by agencies who deal with computer programmers one day and sales managers the next? Trust your career development to recruitment consultants who have a professional background similar to your own. You will be more likely to be guaranteed the kind of service you expect.
  • An executive recruitment firm is NOT a job agency. Your CV should never be allowed to be "mass marketed" in the hope that it will "stick somewhere, anywhere". An executive search firm that truly focuses on the recruitment of lawyers will assign to you a consultant who knows the legal services market inside-out. The consultant will limit the distribution of your CV to those firms whose specific vacancies are first discussed with you on a case by case basis. Your permission will be sought every time a new vacancy arises, before your CV is presented for that vacancy. When the situation calls for it, your CV will be edited and presented in a "blind format", so that your identity is not disclosed unless the potential new employer expresses a definite interest in interviewing you based on your profile - as defined by your qualifications, achievements and transactional experience. This will reduce the risk of you acquiring a reputation of being "actively available" on the market, which could lower your perceived “market value”. Likewise, it makes no sense to leave your CV at the disposal of several recruitment firms at any one time, unless you retain strict control over its final destination.
  • Senior lawyers, (particularly those at partner and senior associate level, who have developed their own client base), should demand the most confidential, personal service from their consultant to ensure that your next career move is handled professionally with no adverse impact on your client base. When choosing a recruitment firm, ask for examples of its completed recruitment projects that have involved partners, senior lawyers or teams of lawyers in your country.
  • SOURCE Executive Recruitment is a specialist boutique Legal & Finance recruitment firm owned and managed by qualified lawyers and finance professionals. Write to us at for more information about the professional background of our consultants and for details of our track record. We will be pleased to be of service. A selection of the current vacancies we handle at law firms or in-house vacancies may be found on-line at our associated recruitment web site:

Current Vacancies - Job Search

  • SOURCE Executive Recruitment is a unique executive search firm exclusively focused on the recruitment of top level executives, lawyers and finance professionals. We are NOT a job agency, hence we do not solicit CVs from people actively looking for employment. Generally, we source candidates for our clients' vacancies through direct search, (i.e. by means of traditional headhunting). However, a selection of some of the current vacancies we are handling is posted on two web sites:
  • For top level executives (non-Legal, non-Finance), please visit:

  • For lawyers and finance professionals, please visit:


  • Should you believe that our recruitment practice is relevant to your professional profile and personal circumstances, then please write to us at Feel free to ask for more information about the professional background of our consultants and for details of our track record.
  • You may have noticed that this web site only features text in the English language. That’s because we firmly believe that English is the only language of international business. If your English language skills fall short of fluency, please do not send us your CV. As most of our clients are international law firms and multinational companies, we only deal with candidates who have fully fluent English language skills. Likewise, we do not respond to people who fail to send us an English version of their CV. Thank you for your understanding!

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